Article date: 31st January 2020

The Acorn 5k Race Results

The Acorn 5k Results (pdf) Well done to all those that came along and participated in the 5k trail race, it was great to see you all as always. The weather conditions were great with no rain in sight! (Always a bonus) After the constant rain the week before the initial route was extremely water logged (you would have been swimming your way round and doing a bit of mud wrestling) so we had to revise the route. As much as we tried to keep away from the wet and mud unfortunately that wasn’t possible 😲 It was rather funny to see a few of you trying to avoid the baby pool along the trail path 👶🤣 am sure Karen has a few photos to prove it! Good on you if you ran straight through or embraced it and jumped in the muddy puddles 💪 #hardcorerunning However, you might have been enjoying yourself that much in the mud you ended up losing a shoe! Good job you knew where to find it 😀 Massive thank you to all the ‘Sowing Seeds’ marshals on course who did an amazing job in directing you and giving encouragement along the way. A donation of £90 has been given to their homeless charity 😁 Thank you to the first aid guys great to see them moving around the course keeping an eye on your safety 😁 Thanks to: Up n Running (Darlington) The Acorn Centre (Guy whatmore) Special Thanks to Karen (photographer) for her amazing photos 💕 Don’t forget to check the website for up and coming events. Hope to see you all soon. Muddy Roads