Article date: 31st January 2020

Course Safety

 The Muddy Roads events are for the benefit of everyone to improve Health & Well-Being and bringing the community together. We wish to make the run as safe and fun as possible, so runners, spectators and marshals are asked to take care about the following:

  • Please be considerate to the park/countryside and other park/countryside users at all times.
  • Please arrive by foot, by pedal-power by public transport or car share if you can as some car parks can be limited.
  • We cannot run these events without marshals and volunteers, If you are available at any of our events please get in touch beforehand and let us
  • Take care near roads and car parks - some vehicles drive very quickly. Please congregate away from the cars and be careful in particular if you have children with you. If you’re driving to the run, please drive carefully even if you’re late!
  • When running, take care on uneven surfaces - whether on grass or on tarmac. Watch out for cyclists, other runners, pedestrians, children, dogs, wildlife, park animals, vehicles, park maintenance work, falling branches, bollards, posts and other obstacles around the course.
  • Please ensure that you are fit enough to walk, jog, run 5k (3.1 miles) or 10k (6.2 miles) at our events.
  • Remember to warm up before the run to reduce the risk of any injuries
  • If you see a runner with a serious problem, please stop to help them out and get help as soon as possible. All our events have 2-3 first aiders in attendance. Usually located around the course and at the finish area.
  • If you’re watching, keep clear of runners on the course if you have completed your run, please be mindful that others are still running.
  • It is not permitted to run with a pushchair or a dog at any of our events for Health & Safety purposes.
  • Lyme Disease is a bacterial infection spread to humans by infected ticks. Consider protecting yourself by wearing repellent when at events in grassy or wooded areas. See for further details.

We hope these tips help to ensure that all our events are fun and safe for everyone.

Thank you


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