Article date: 28th April 2024

Race Rules

Welcome to Muddy Roads Events!

We are excited to have you participate and aim to provide a safe, fair, and enjoyable environment. To ensure everything runs smoothly and to uphold the integrity of our events, we have established several important rules that all participants are required to follow. Please review these guidelines carefully before each event. Adhering to these rules is crucial not only for your safety but for everyone involved. Thank you for your cooperation,  we wish you the best of luck in your run!

*Race Number Integrity*: Participants must not swap or give away their race number. Doing so will lead to immediate disqualification. There are proper transfer procedures in place. Please refer to each event for more details.

*Event Entries*:  All future entry lists will be displayed for each event on the website. This will be updated regularly.  If the event becomes 'Full' prior to event day and your name is not on the list, you MUST produce evidence that you have entered, this can be done by showing your 'Paypal Receipt' if you can not prove entry you will not be given a race number and not be allowed to run the event officially.

*Electronic Devices*: Only the use of bone-conducting headphones can be permitted during the actual event, this is so you can hear the instructions or warnings from any of the officials.

*Medical Fitness*: Runners declare by their entry that they are medically fit to compete in the event. Muddy Roads is not responsible for medical or health problems.

*Age Restrictions*: Participants must meet the age requirements specified for the events, as younger runners may be prohibited in certain events for safety reasons. Please check each event for minimum age requirement.

*Dogs Prohibition*: Dogs are not allowed to run with you in the event for safety purposes (this is not Parkrun).

*Littering*: Everyone involved in the event must dispose of all waste in designated bins, please keep our communities litter free.

*Finish Line Protocol*: Runners must continue moving through the finish funnel and exit the finish area, this will avoid congestion and interference with other finishes coming through. Please remove your 'hip chip' and place it in the tub provided.

Thank you for your understanding and support with these rules, these are so we can maintain the integrity of these events and ensure the safety for everyone involved.


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